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Lion Investigation Academy

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At LIA (Lion Investigation Academy) our students study;

Private Investigation

Surveillance & Stake-Out

Interrogation & Investigative Procedures

Civil Investigations

Investigative Court Procedures

Undercover Investigations

Plaintiff & Defense Investigations

In addition, fraudulent insurance claims, the techniques necessary to expose such frauds and the techniques of writing investigative reports are also discussed.

And so much more;

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Message from the Dean

Welcome to Lion Investigation Academy (LIA).  LIA offers a diploma in Private Investigations through distance learning; this course was designed to help students start a career in this fast growing profession and to enhance those who are already in this profession.

Earning a diploma through distance learning lets the students set their own studying schedule, working on the course material when they want in the comfort of their own home; we pride ourselves on the fact the we treat each student as a class of one.

The Dean is dedicated to helping each student complete the diploma program and is always available to assist the needs of all LIA students.


            Joseph Alercia II, a practicing private detective in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Carolina, and formerly the District of Columbia, founded Lion Investigation Academy in 1974.  Since its inception as a non-residential educational institution, Lion Investigation Academy has provided a distance education program in the field of investigation and security for students throughout the world.  The material received by students has been prepared by practicing investigators, based upon experience and background, and is written in concise, succinct and understandable language. 

            Tests include both objective and subjective type questions.  Students are required to write in a clear and concise manner as would be required in the investigative realm.


            In today’s world, education is being offered and obtained in a variety of ways.   The cost of attending a residential institution, the time required in attendance, and an economy in which one is often required to support a family while obtaining an education are contributing factors and supportive arguments toward the popularity on non-traditional educational programs.

            Lion Investigation Academy was founded with the intent of educating those who have already been involved in this field and those interested in pursuing the lucrative investigative realm.  The educational philosophy of Lion Investigation Academy can best be described as:

  Equal education opportunity for those who do not have the time or funds to attend a resident school.

  Education at a reasonable cost.

  Education designed to give the student a profound knowledge of the private investigation and security realm; dispel the fallacies of the TV detective; teach the student step by step the skills necessary to apply oneself professionally upon completion of the course.

Our Staff...

   Academy Dean

Joe Alercia II

About Dean Alercia


   1 (877) PI-SCHOOL.



Click Here - Download Our PDF  (Private Investigation) eBrochure

Click Here - Download the L.I.A. (Private Investigation) Enrollment

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Click Here - Download Our PDF

            (Close Protection) eBrochure

Click Here - Download the L.I.A.

            (Close Protection) Enrollment

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  Lion Investigation Academy, Pennsylvania Est. 1974

  American Detective Agency, Pennsylvania Est. 1975

  Sentry Detective Agency, New Jersey Est. 1976

  M & J Investigations, New York Est. 1980

  American Detective Systems Est. 1983

  American Detective Agency, Washington DC Est. 1988

  American Detective Agency, Nebraska Est. 1995

  American Detective Agency, Massachusetts Est. 2001

  American Detective Agency, North Carolina Est. 2008

John D. McCann, CFE

Assistant Director/Instructor of the Lion Investigation Academy

  Owner/Director of McCann International, a counterintelligence firm specializing in minimizing business risks

  Licensed private investigator, bonded locksmith, highly trained countermeasures technician and a counterintelligence specialist

  Sits on the “Advisory Board” for Duchess Community College, Poughkeepsie, NY where he advises on the Criminal Justice Curriculum

  Lectured at various locations around the country including Yale University

  Licensed Private Investigator in the State of New York.

  Former Drill Instructor, Paris Island, SC, US Marine Corps



Roy Burgess

L.I.A. Website, Web master...

Security and Investigations Industry

Education:  LIA, Lion Investigation Academy

Associate Degree in Private Investigation and Security

Master of Security Certificate, Lion Investigation Academy...

Master of Close Protection Certificate, Lion Investigation Academy...

>>----->   2002 <> 2008  <----<<

(Nidan) Black Belt, Uechi Ryu Karate Do, Under Korean War Veteran, "Sensei" Joe Bass - 3 Purple Hearts, 1 Silver Star, 187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans)...

Honors and Awards:

1 - Purple Heart for Gun Shot Wound, 4 Bronze Star's = ( 1 -Bronze Star for Night Time Mass Tactical Combat Parachute into the International Airport, Panama City Panama, Spear Heading Operation Just Cause at 0 dark 30. 1- Bronze Star for Valor, Operation Just Cause "1- Bronze Star for Valor" during "Operation Desert Shield", "1- Bronze Star for Valor" during "Operation Desert Storm," Silver Wings with Silver Star, CIB "Combat Infantryman's Badge" for actions during combat, EIB "Expert Infantryman's Badge," NBC School, Graduated as "Distinguished Honor Grad." Graduated BLDC (Basic Leadership Development Course), BNCOC (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course), JMS (Jump Master School) "Silver Star" above Silver Wings, (JOTC) Jungle Expert among others...

Activities and Societies:

Linkedin (Groups), Twitter, Facebook...

History: 11B1PC2, Combat Wounded Jumpmaster, 82nd Airborne

January 1984 November 1991  (7 years 11 months)

Prior to being assigned, to the 82nd Airborne! I had completed 9 non stop months of Basic Military Training, Advanced Individual Training in the US Army Infantryman's Military Occupational Status, Airborne School, Special Forces Qualification Course pre-Phase, Special Forces Qualification Course 1st Phase, which consisted of Advanced Hand to Hand Combat qualification, Long Range Patrolling Qualification, Wilderness Survival Qualification, and Expert Land Navigation Qualification among others.

Second Phase Weapons, which was qualification with every military light arms' weapon in use throughout the world at that time, from old, to super modern. I spent the 3 years of my enlistment at Fort Bragg, then went on to serve 2 years of re-enlistment in the Panama Canal Zone leading up to "Operation Just Cause," as a team leader. Then moved on into the Gulf War.

Thanks to the skills taught to me by the Green Beret's, I never failed;