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Admission Procedure

The completed application for admission must be sent to the Academy with official evidence of high school completion.  A (non-refundable) registration fee must accompany the application.  If the applicant is academically qualified and fully aware of his/her financial obligation, the applicant will be accepted and promptly notified by the Academy.  Instructional materials will be mailed to the student after the student has submitted payment outlined in the payment schedule underSTUDENT SERVICES.

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Individual Assistance

Any student who desires educational assistance may write to the Academy or telephone the Academy office. Questions will be recorded by the Academy secretary or answered by an instructor, if present.  If an instructor is not present, one will return your call as soon as possible or your questions will be answered via mail/e-mail.

Lion Investigation Academy makes every effort to assist the student and provide the help required of the student’s educational goal.

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"Diploma in Private Investigation."

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Payment Options

Select Program [See application for details.]

PI Option A: (Paid in full, includes 10% discount) $765.00

PI Option B: (First month of 24...) $60.42

PI Option C: (First month of 12...) $95.84

CP Option A: (Paid in full, includes 10% discount) $675.00

CP Option B: (First month of 24...) $56.25

CP Option C: (First month of 12...) $87.75


Lion Investigation Academy maintains permanent student academic records. The contents of these records are confidential and will not be divulged except upon the written request of the student.


Other transcripts of academic records will be made available to the student or to a designated person at the student’s request.  The first transcript is available at no charge.  A fee of $5.00 will be required for each additional transcript request.