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An Equal Opportunity Educator

Lion Investigation Academy, offering a Diploma in Private Investigations, admits applicants without regard to race, religion, sex, age, color, national origin or physical disability.

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     Lion Investigation Academy provides the student with profound basic knowledge within the realm of private investigations along with current changes in private investigations and security, therein providing the general public and the courts with a well-rounded investigator who produces competent investigative results.

   Lion Investigation Academy gives our students access to competent staff and consultants, adding to the personal touch of what we call a "Class of One". The private investigative field differs somewhat from the criminal justice field; therefore a formal education in the private sector is much needed. Our mission is to provide this education in a manner that is easily understood

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Licensed by the Pennsylvania Board of Private Licensed Schools, Pennsylvania Department of Education, to conduct an Investigation Academy empowered to confer an "Diploma, in Private Investigation."  More...


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     The Academy (L.I.A.) is internationally recognized for superior distance learning curriculums in the investigative field. Since its inception as a non-residential educational institution, the Lion Investigation Academy has provided valuable training for students throughout the world to gain added recognition in their respective fields. The staff is comprised of industry professional experts who have created the material we offer our students with the students’ personal success in mind:  This makes the Academy the top choice within the private investigator and law enforcement community for at-home training and certification solutions.

    It is our philosophy that in today's world, education is being offered in a variety of ways. The "External Degree/Diploma" offered by varied institutions is becoming more & more common. The cost of attending a residential institution and the time required in attendance, as well as an economy in which one is often required to support a family while obtaining an education, are all contributing factors and supportive arguments toward the popularity of non-traditional educational programs.    

     Lion Investigation Academy was founded with the intent of educating those who are involved in this industry and are interested in pursuing the lucrative potential of the investigative realm, further extending their professional credentials and increasing their earning potential. We provide this at a reasonable cost and teach our students step-by-step the skills necessary to apply themselves professionally in the field.

     All the courses at Lion Investigation Academy are concisely formed to deliver the information to our students in a timely and efficient manner while dispelling the fallacies of the t.v. detectives and preparing them for a real career in the investigative industry. We provide our educational opportunities on an equal opportunity basis and excel at professional courtesy and guidance. Our graduates enjoy the professional recognition they receive acknowledging their educational achievements in the field, as well as the self-confidence of knowing they're knowledgeable in their respective area of study.

     What are you waiting for? You could be sharpening your skills and preparing yourself for advancement in this potentially limitless industry. We offer the opportunity for you to further your skill sets and obtain more comprehensive solutions in your investigative endeavors. It's up to you to follow through and grab it. Knowledge really is power, especially when you can prove you have it...

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