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An Equal Opportunity Educator, helping you become Successful, offering a Diploma in Private Investigations, admits applicants without regard to race, religion, sex, age, color, national origin or physical disability. ( YES MILITARY GET A DISCOUNT ) Lion Investigation Academy provides the student with profound basic knowledge within the realm of private investigations along with current changes in private investigations and security, therein providing the general public and the courts with a well-rounded investigator who produces competent investigative results.  

Founded in 1974, LIA has many years of experience...!

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Mission Statement:

 Lion Investigation Academy will provide the student with a profound basic knowledge within the realm of private investigations along with current changes in private investigations and security. Therein, providing the general public and the courts with a well-rounded investigator who provides competent investigative results. Lion Investigation Academy provides our students with competent staff and consultants adding to the personal touch of what we call a “Class of One.” The private investigative field differs somewhat from the criminal justice field. Therefore, a formal education in the private sector is much needed. Our mission is to provide this education in a manner that is easily understood by the novice. Basic knowledge refers to standard application of various techniques that the investigator utilizes. A standard technique such as surveillance stakeouts have and will always have basic element. ( Our services that you can use. We provide various private investigation courses to help our students handle different issues and boost their investigative abilities. )
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History of Joseph Alercia II, a practicing private detective in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Carolina, and formerly the District of Columbia, founded Lion Investigation Academy in 1974. Since its inception as a non-residential educational institution, Lion Investigation Academy has provided a distance education program in the field of investigation and security for students throughout the world. The material received by students has been prepared by practicing investigators, based upon experience and background, and is written in concise, succinct and understandable language. Tests include both objective and subjective type questions. Students are required to write in a clear and concise manner as would be required in the investigative realm.

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In today’s world, education is being offered and obtained in a variety of ways. The cost of attending a residential institution, the time required in attendance, and an economy in which one is often required to support a family while obtaining an education are contributing factors and supportive arguments toward the popularity on non-traditional educational programs. Lion Investigation Academy was founded with the intent of educating those who have already been involved in this field and those interested in pursuing the lucrative investigative realm. The educational philosophy of Lion Investigation Academy can best be described as: Ø Equal education opportunity for those who do not have the time or funds to attend a resident school. Ø Education at a reasonable cost. Ø Education designed to give the student a profound knowledge of the private investigation and security realm; dispel the fallacies of the TV detective; teach the student step by step the skills necessary to apply oneself professionally upon completion of the course.

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All our ideas and solutions are entirely built on years of practical contact with and observation of facts or events.




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Since our establishment in 1974, we have helped numerous students with their studies in private investigation.

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During our work we developed our approach to providing private investigation courses,
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