In support of its philosophy, Lion Investigation Academy seeks: 

Ø To provide a program that will improve the knowledge and skills of an individual currently engaged in this field of endeavor. 

Ø To provide a program covering all of the basics an individual currently must know before entering this field of endeavor. 

Ø To provide through field assignment situations and experiences that an individual, as an investigator, will encounter. 

Ø To develop the skills necessary to write clear and concise reports. 

Ø To develop self-discipline, individual initiative, the ability to accept responsibilities, and a positive attitude toward self-improvement.

Admission Procedure

The completed application for admission must be sent to the Academy.  A (non-refundable) registration fee must accompany the application.  If the applicant is academically qualified and fully aware of his/her financial obligation, the applicant will be accepted and promptly notified by the Academy.  Instructional materials will be mailed to the student after the student has submitted payment as outlined in the payment schedule below.



Ø All applicants are required to submit a $50.00 non refundable registration fee with their application. 

Ø Please refer to our various payment options on the application for enrollment. 

Ø The student will be responsible for all postage on tests and assignments returned to the Academy. The Academy will be responsible to pay for all postage on lessons, tests, and field assignments. 

Ø Payments to the Academy can be made by personal check, money order, and credit card (Master Card, Visa, and Discover). If a personal check is sent materials will not be sent to the student until the bank clears the check. 

Ø A calculated one time fee will be required for Overseas Air Mail for students residing in Africa, The near and far East, Europe, South America, Central America, and the West Indies who do not have access to the US Postal Service. The fee is required after a student is accepted into the Academy and is to be sent with the first payment, you will be notified of such payment.

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