Joe Alercia II

Principal Owner/Director & Academy Dean

About Joe Alercia II

Joseph Alercia II, is the Principal Owner/Director of American Detective Agency, ET. al. For over the past 45 years students (OVER 400 INTERNS) from the Pennsylvania State University, Bloomsburg University, and various private business colleges intern under Alercia’s auspices for the final semester of their criminal justice program. This internship is a requisite for the fulfillment of their respective degrees. The final grades are based upon their internships with the aforementioned agency.  

Joseph Alercia II has conducted major investigations on a regular basis since 1970 with his forte being an expert in civil and criminal defense investigations. 1991-1994 conducted an investigation in the state of Maryland uncovering the strong possibility that the original ruling of suicide was not suicide (Keith Warren). Case aired on national TV and is still frequently aired on national TV.

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Certificates and Awards

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Joseph Alercia II: Skills in Private Investigation.